BMS series - Bonfiglioli servo geared motor

Integrated & compact servo solution.

BMS series - Bonfiglioli servo geared motor, Redutores planetários de folga reduzida

The integrated compact servo solution BMS is a remarkably compact solution in which the overall length dimensions offer revolutionary, space-saving machine designs.

Dados Técnicos

Torque range
30 ... 800 Nm

Maximum acceleration torque
45 ... 1200 Nm

Transmission ratios
4 ... 100

Output configuration
Flange mounting
Input configuration
Wide range of coupling configurations to suit most common servomotors

Food grade synthetic lubricant
Lubricated for life

A complete system solution with the modular Active Cube servo system or Agile sensorless Drive.
Sensorless Servo Drive offer many benefits including energy savings and compactness when compared to conventional solutions.

Speed range
1600; 3000; 4500; 5500; 6000 min-1
(customized winding on request)

Power Supply
230, 400 Vac

0.04 ... 4.75 (Kgm2 x 10-3)

Key Features
Space-saving installation through very high power density
Salient pole technology & optimized shape sinthered magnets
Multiple mechanical interfaces
Match with Bonfiglioli gearboxes

Degree Of Protection