Bonfiglioli announces new solutions for the wind industry at WindEnergy 2016 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany
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Bonfiglioli announces new solutions for the wind industry at WindEnergy 2016 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany

For all applications of yaw and pitch drives for the monitoring of load peaks, Bonfiglioli presents a solution that is protectively integrated into the gear motor for the first time. The integrated load cell quickly and precisely measures torque and enables torque monitoring in real time. Connected via an external cable connection, the system provides an automatic engine shut-down to protect the drive or reduce the capacity of the frequency converter and provides information to the PLC. In addition, the system also has an anti-seize function which prevents blockages. It can be attached to any IEC flanges and gear stages directly between the electric motor and the first gear stage by changing the interface component.

The patented load bearing system helps to reliably meet the requirements of applications with high peak loads. The evaluation of its data also facilitates the predictive maintenance. In addition, some acceptance procedures require the use of load receptors, which were previously not an integral part of the drive system and were therefore associated with serious disadvantages. The new integrated load bearing system allows Bonfiglioli - for the first time in the market - to deploy a mechanically elegant, technically excellent and low maintenance solution in any environment. With the load sensor from Bonfiglioli it will be possible to monitor each individual yaw and pitch drive. This way potential problems can be identified and repaired faster, before the failure of the wind turbine occurs.

The second new solution of Bonfiglioli is an external torque limiter, deployed in the worm gear as an easily and quickly replaceable insert. Therefore, the entire transmission does not need to be replaced, which has previously always been necessary. Bonfiglioli is therefore presenting a novelty in the market, which significantly reduces downtime in the case of stopping the transmission of wind turbines when peak torque has been reached and reduces maintenance costs.

The new drive solutions from Bonfiglioli provide many benefits for modern wind turbine production. "With the two new products, our customers have the option to monitor gearbox behaviour and reduce the operating costs," explains Fausto Carboni, CEO Business at Bonfiglioli. This is also an excellent solution for wind turbines which are ten years old or older.